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  • corex floor cover

    corex floor cover

    corex floor cover can be ordered in standard door size panels (2000mm x 1000mm) or in a wider grade (2000mm x 1500mm) to suit internal partition doors....
  • corrugated plastic wall panels

    corrugated plastic wall panels

    Performance is extremely excellent, energy saving and environmental protection plastic sheet, is currently widely used in the international plastic bui....
  • mobile phone display stand

    mobile phone display stand

    there are many types hollow board manufacturers add an non-plastic fillers(calcium carbonate powder) into the raw material, some reach as much as 50%. ....
  • plastic bin dividers

    plastic bin dividers

    Custom Plastic box with dividers. Dividers can be according your require.a cost-effective alternative to corrugated cardboard. mainly for the usage of ....