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Weatherproof Plastic Tree Wrapping

weatherproof plastic tree wrapping

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The working process of the weatherproof plastic tree wrapping
mold closing→HP mold locking at low speed→moving the injection mount forward→injecting the melt→pressure-holding→the melt in the mold cooling(At the same time, plastified ?threaded rod step back with the injection mount, threaded rod revolve the plastic materials)→the forming material in the mold cooling and solidifying→opening the mold, putting the product out of the mold→closing mold(the next product begin being produced)
The amount of materials of the weatherproof plastic tree wrapping is according to the product. Putting the material into the injection machine, the threaded rod move the material forward, and then heating the material. Because the material have to be heated and compressed, gradually, the material become molten.
As for the molten material in the forepart of the threaded rod, because of the resistance of the nozzle, create the pressure of against the threaded rod. With the increasing amount of molten material which pushed by the threaded rod, the back pressure is increasing also. When the back pressure is greater than the thrust and  friction of the oil cylinders to the threaded rod. The threaded rod begin stepping back and adding material into the hopper. When the threaded rod touch the switch, the machine stop moving, finishing the process of plastifying the material.

Features of the Weatherproof Plastic Tree Wrapping

  • 1

    Less consumables, Low cost, Light weight

  • 2

    Accept custom design :shape,size and color

  • 3

    Suitable temperature -40℃-200℃

  • 4

    Accept UV Printing,Silk Screen Printing

Benefits of the Weatherproof Plastic Tree Wrapping
  • 1

    Good chemical properties

  • 2

    Good heat and sound insulation

  • 3


weatherproof plastic tree wrapping
  • 1

    Industrial  packaging

  • 3

    Bags handbags pallet

  • 5

    Bottle industry

  • 2

    Mechanical industries

  • 4

    The advertising industry

  • 6

    Home decorating

Standard Thickness & Weight
Thickness 2mm 3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm 8mm 9mm 10mm 11mm 12mm
Density(gsm) 250-450 300-600 600-900 800-1200 900-1600 1400-2000 1600-2000 1600-2200 2200-2400 2400-2600
Skin Thickness 0.0065* 0.008* 0.009* 0.013* 0.018* 0.030* 0.040* 0.051* 0.067* 0.086*
Flute Thickness 0.0065* 0.008* 0.009* 0.013* 0.018* 0.030* 0.040* 0.051* 0.067* 0.086*
Color All All All All All All All All All All
Surface Tension
46 46 46 46 46 46 46 46 46 46

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