●The production process of Dongguan jian xin plastic products co., LTD  will make you sure Natural environmental protection is the law of natural.You will satisfied with its durable.The company has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, TUV certification, through the SGS environmental protection certification, ROSH report, MSDS report.
The high-tech fully automatic machines manufacturing various difficult new craft, the products are widely used in automotive electronics industry, the logistics industry, industry, agriculture, etc. All of the packaging industry.
Production workshop preparation advanced high-speed production equipment, in strict accordance with the environmental indicators of green production, skilled production personnel make jian xin plastic in the top of the industry!
Jian xin adhere to environmental protection low carbon, selected high-quality raw materials, strict control of process, to ensure reliable quality, reasonable prices, timely delivery, after-sales service attentively processing, to ensure customer satisfaction!

The use of plastic:
——Plastic products maintenance is very important, when people use plastic tools, often encountered situation,such as plastic hardening, brittle crack, discoloration, change and reduce the phenomenon. This is plastic ageing.With the development of high-tech, adding stabilizer in the process of manufacturing plastic enterprises, can slow down the aging phenomenon, but it did not fundamentally solve the problem.So in order to make reasonable use of plastic products, in use process, do not let the sun exposure, don't let the noise of the rain, also do not use in high temperature condition, don't scratch plastic products with a knife, also don't bake on fire or heating, don't often contact corrosive substances or water or oil and so on.There is, of course, once found plastic products appear aging, needs to change in time.
Plastic products prohibited the following actions: