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Packaging enterprises to invest in green packaging to have the future
Time:2017-04-28 14:54 Author:corrugate plastic sh
 One side is infinite vitality of electricity business, while there is nowhere to install the express packaging. As all kinds of parcels are non-degradable logistics, recycling and no clear rules, the enormous pressure on the environment has emerged. Overdraft the future living environment, in exchange for today's buy to buy the happy, obviously not a wise move. A more sophisticated courier industry packaging management system to be established.

For example, with reference to the previous over-packaging of moon cakes, the first relevant government departments, it is necessary to come up with a set of scientific and feasible, rigorous and practical standards. And then to provide financial and technical support, so that packaging manufacturers willing to produce the relevant recyclable packaging, so that businesses choose green packaging, the lower the cost.
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In addition, packaging to the consumer links, it is necessary to carry out paid recovery, or reward recovery, etc., in order to enhance the enthusiasm of consumers to participate in packaging recycling, to avoid packaging was littering. Finally, express packaging junk involves the issue of social waste escalation, resource recycling, which requires more professional waste recycling companies and technology to come in.
To online shopping as the representative of the e-commerce is to achieve from the growth period to the maturity of the change, had not take into account the "express excessive packaging", "express garbage amazing", "express package siege" and other phenomena, has become such economic form "sequelae "In this regard, after the e-commerce development stage, including the government, enterprises, individuals, etc., obviously need to work together, as soon as possible to face up to and solve the green packaging turned the problem, this is imminent.
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 pp hollow panel packaging can be reused, the second recovery of packaging materials, I believe in the near future in our lives we can see it everywhere.