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2017 Speech Competition
Time:2017-03-30 15:52 Author:管理员
 Art of War said, do not fight no prepared battle. As for the sales in terms of the same reason. Many of the salesman usually have a misunderstanding, that sales will be able to say, in fact, simply not the same thing. Each new colleagues will be training for nearly a month, from product knowledge to after-sales service, from business history to sales skills, every link is repeated practice, until they are familiar.Today in JianXin about 20 elite old and new sales stard with a strength and charm contest, The all speak very well, some passionate,some professional refining, and some intellectual touching. Who is the winner?
After more than two hours of talent show, Our colleague Kangping Guo from beyond team through her super speech power to obtain the sales champion, almost got the full ticket quota. Faith is the power of people to work, confidence is a force. Every day when the work began, we must encourage ourselves.To use a win-win attitude to face customers and consumers, before selling their products to sell their own out, have confidence in their own. Everything must be sincere, mentality to determine the basic requirements of a person to do things, must hold a sincere heart, sincere treatment to customers, treat colleagues,others will respect you, as a friend then will accept your products.