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A packaging printing industry is the most painful year in China in 2017.
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     We got a phone call from Mr. Xiao yesterday.He needs two size of the hollow plate trial order 1000 pieces each.He used to use cardboard material.Now cardboard cost more and more high ,cycles can only use coroplast sheets 4x8 .The most Nearly plastic raw material prices is reduce.JianXin hollow board is the price of the new material transferred to 12 yuan per kilogram and the quantity can also be appropriate discount.Cardboard cycles at about 5 times,plastic hollow board of cycles at about 20 times.

    After the Spring Festival,Carton enterprise conducts trying to upstream rising costs conducted away.However,due to the consumer demand weak incredibly.Not only Unable to reach a wish,but also become the california price cutting pressure by the downstream customers.Insufficient consumption demand,increase in the price of base paper is hard to conduction.From PPI was found that prices released in producer last month,food and beverage,textile and garment with industrial products related to people's livelihood,such as producer price index is far lower than the average 6.9%.It show that previous occurrence of base paper material,such as soaring hard to conduction into the hands of the consumers.In February,2017 ,the agency predicted, the consumer price index (CPI) rose or fell sharply to 2%, while the producer price index (PPI) will continue upward 7%, "price scissors" between PPI and CPI will continue to expand. The data is likely to show that raw materials will rise further, but consumer terminal price is falling.According to consumer demand, businesses have to offer discounts.