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the original price is less than $3 a carton now to $6
Time:2017-03-11 08:35 Author:管理员
 Recently, with the March 8th Festival approaching,the major electricity supplier in the market,the logistics company ushered in a small business peak once again and in which act as a heavy to support the "carton" but a new round of price increases. According to the national postal statistics show that China express delivery industry volume broken 300 billion.Another data show that the electricity supplier market is to use corrugated boxes about 99.22 million a year . There is a point of view, if a carton rose1 yuan,it will cause billions of dollars. "Crazy carton" is causing the whole industry chain "the butterfly effect". Although carton prices continued to rise, but because of the price adjustment lag and other inflence,the recent release of a number of packaging enterprises performance forecast shows that their days with them is not satisfied.

The reasons for the price rise
First of all, although the price of cardboard boxes factory seem to shift the cost of production, but due to the lag effect of price increases and other factors.In fact,carton factory
prices are still unable to solve the problem of profit squeeze.

Secondly, in addition to stock price storm, coupled with the environmental and other reasons. Recently released a number of listed companies in the performance forecast shows that the day is not satisfied.Thirdly, in addition to waste paper, coal and other upstream raw material prices,coupled with rising transport costs,boost the cost of paper industry;

How to deal with the crisis of carton prices?
1, Avoid price war.
We want to rise together and to live together.
During this period,the price war is self defeating.Insiders suggest that we avoid the market price, we should go up together, we should live together.
At the same time, the association should also serve as a market leader.The adjustment and the strength of unity should lead everyone to get out of the dilemma.
2, Appropriate increase of reserves.
Nornally,an annual output of about 200 million carton factory, at least to ensure that the 3000 tons of inventory. Before the Spring Festival the possibility is very small price of paper.According to market trends,we should fully guarantee the Spring Festival season paper stock after March.
3, staging supply, a single quote
Becaus the paper price changes too fast, it is recommended that the majority of cardboard, cardboard boxes with customers to negotiate "Installment pricing, delivery by installments", the best single quote
 is according to the latest quotation.
4, Use corrugated board packaging.
coroplast sheet plastic as a packaging material is a perfect substitute for the carton products.
Carton products rose sharply,it is time to use the hollow paper packing.The number of cycles
 polypropylene hollow boxes,the focus is not high price ratio, and don't rise in price.