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The paper prices constantly to rise, come to use corrugated plastic sheets
Time:2017-02-28 11:26 Author:corrugate plastic sh
     Yes,The paper began to rise in price.Everything must be give more than three preparation to yourself.For example,we'd better to choose the  corrugated plastic sheets instead of paper .Their environmental protection waterproof fireproof more than 20 times turns, you worth having.

    In raw material rising driving,the paper price increases.The insider are expected that pulp price are still room for growth.The paper price as pulp price rise again.The reporter notices that in the other paper prices have been rising more than two months.The price of living paper rose 200 yuan/ton,but the business pressure is still large on Dec.1st."Recently, the affected pulp prices constantly to rise, coal prices remain high, life of paper pulp costs have risen 600 yuan / ton.But due to fierce market competition, in order to protect the interests of customers, most large paper factory price only rose 200 yuan / ton. The problem of excess production capacity in the industry is serious, and the difficulty of enterprise cost shifting. Pulp prices are rising, the insider are expected there is still room for upward this month." Zhuochuang information Analyst Zhang Xuesong believes that the price of paper is two times may vary with the pulp prices. However, due to the cost of paper prices rose far below the cost of space, the life of paper enterprise are still with the burden.

    The imported wood pulp market prompt goods is going up in price recently."One day one price" phenomenon is arise in some areas.The softwood pulp catch-up speed has quickened significantly lastweek and the rising space in 100 ~ 150 yuan/ton in weeks.There businessman is also  reluctant to sell out." In the businessman rised,under the pressure of RMB devaluation and outside dish rose,imported wood pulp spot prices continued strength in the short term.Companies will give priority to actively implement."

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