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From five aspects to improve the quality of polypropylene fluted board
Time:2017-01-16 13:46 Author:管理员
 From five aspects to improve the quality of polypropylene fluted board:
1.To solve detection of the thickness tolerance ① strict control of the bamboo, bamboo mat inspection classification, as far as possible with the same thickness of the bamboo curtain blank; ② without affecting the strength of the premise, in which a folder to a few compression Relatively large wood veneer, in order to reduce the thickness of the bamboo thickness tolerance; ③ secondary processing of the hollow sheet, the first hollow out of the sand until the thickness of the same film; ④ in the bamboo curtain, bamboo mat processing link Mechanical processing control of its thickness, the production plant in the bamboo producing areas set up raw material processing base, to support the progressive use of bamboo processing machinery.
polypropylene fluted board
2.The surface quality of the polypropylene fluted board should address the needs of users of various grades of hollow plastic sheet. If the board in the hollow layer of wood veneer for the panel, you can basically eliminate the bamboo mat pattern, but try to use melamine resin coating to increase the wear resistance and surface hardness, integrity and finish. For the panel of the hollow frame of the steel frame, the modified melamine resin or alcohol-soluble phenolic resin impregnated paper coating should be adopted. The number of the impregnated paper can be determined according to the requirements of the flatness and smoothness.
polypropylene fluted board