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 Corrugated Plastic Box
As a custom corrugated plastic boxes manufacturer, I know corrugated plastic sheet is a better choice as packing material than paper, whose cost is lower and more environmentally friendly. Corrugated plastic box is waterproof and reusable,  and more importantly, one corrugated pliatic bin can reuse about 20 times!
So when you need packaging, I think the corrugated plastic packaging is your first choice for the environmental protection enterprises! Coroplast boxes can be used to corrugated plastic shipping boxes, corrugated plastic storage boxes, fruit and vegetables coroplast packing bins or other corrugated plastic containers. 

JX coroplast supplier provides custom corrugated plastic boxes manufacturing service, you can customize the size, design, color, and company logo accordign to your personal needs. JX has serviced thousands of customers in the past 13 years, and have received perfect reputation, so you needn‘t worry about the quality issues! When you place a big order from us, the low wholesale price is available.

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