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Corrugated plastic boxes are becoming a more popular packaging choice. Compared with corrugated paper, the coroplast box are not affected easily by moisture, humidity, rough handling or other risks in distribution environments, more importantlythe corrugated plastic bins are more environmentally friendly and reusable, one corrugated pliatic bin can reuse about 20 times! 
  • Types of corrugated plastic boxes. Set-up hand corrugated plastic shipping boxes, Plastic corrugated die cut boxes,  Corrugated plastic storage boxes with dividers, Folding corrugated plastic box, etc. Both these corrugated plastic containers can be made to any size, color, and style in JX  custom corrugated plastic boxes manufacturer.
  • Wholesale price. JX coroplast boxes supplier provides cusotm corrugated plastic boxes manufacturing service, you can customize the size, design, color, and company logo accordign to your personal needs. And if you place a huge order, the competitive wholesale price is workable!
  • Quality assured. JX company has serviced thousands of customers in the past 13 years, and have received perfect reputation, so you needn‘t worry about the quality issues! We are experienced and responsible.
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  • Corflute Boxes

    Corflute Boxes

    Corflute Boxes can be cleaned and sanitized and used again and again saving thousands of dollars on corrugated cardboard cartons whenever you distribut....
  • PP Corrugated Postal Tote

    PP Corrugated Postal

    When the back pressure is greater than the thrust and friction of the oil cylinders to the threaded rod. The threaded rod begin stepping back and addi....
  • Foldable Corrugated Plastic Tote

    Foldable Corrugated P

    The foldable corrugated plastic tote is used in the industries such as machine, hardware, electron, pesticide, advertisement, decoration and so on. Thr....
  • Corrugated Plastic Mail Trays

    Corrugated Plastic Ma

    is nontoxic, odorless, moistureproof, corrosion-resistant, light weight, colorful, anti-aging, and is also good at tensile strength, tear strength and....
  • Corrugated Plastic Tote Tray

    Corrugated Plastic To

    component pp corrugated plastic mail trays. 2, moveable corner corrugated plastic tote tray. The folding corrugated plastic box is stronger than genera....
  • ESD PP Corrugated Tray

    ESD PP Corrugated Tra

    The esd pp corrugated tray is stronger than general folding box. It is reusable. The local damage and parts damage can be maintained. When you don’t ....
  • ESD Corrugated Plastic Container

    ESD Corrugated Plasti

    The key raw materials and production processes of the hollow board are more, the quality of the raw materials and the control level of the production p....
  • Corrugated Plastic Tray

    Corrugated Plastic Tr

    1, component plastic tray . 2, moveable corner folding corrugated plastic box. The folding corrugated plastic box is stronger than plastic tray ....
  • PP Corrugated Plastic Tray

    PP Corrugated Plastic

    The local damage and parts damage can be maintained. When you don’t use it, you can fold the side plate to decrease the storing space. Eight major a....
  • Coroplast Storage Bins

    Coroplast Storage Bin

    Coroplast storage bins can be designed to mimic your current cardboard or wooden packaging.It's made from polypropylene(PP), environmentally friendly a....
  • Coroplast Boxes

    Coroplast Boxes

    Coroplast boxes thickness is 2-12mm. Your logo, contact or pictures can be printed on the box.The heat sealed edges strengthen the carton panels and pr....
  • Custom Coroplast Bin

    Custom Coroplast Bin

    For avoiding the damages from electrostatic, custom coroplast bin can be used as the container of electric parts, food, drink, etc. And it can be circl....
  • PP Corrugated Plastic Box

    PP Corrugated Plastic

    pp corrugated plastic box could be the ideal solution to your industrial packaging and storage needs.It's made from polypropylene(PP), environmentally ....
  • Coroplast  Packaging Box

    Coroplast Packaging

    We are the most professional and largest manufacturer in coroplast packaging box in China.so if you are interested in Corrugated Plastic Box, please le....
  • PP Correx Storage Box

    PP Correx Storage Box

    We are the most professional and largest manufacturer in pp correx storage box in China.so if you are interested in Corrugated Plastic Box, please let ....
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