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Coroplast Sheet
As one of the best coroplast suppliers in China, Jian Xin focus on coroplast since 2003, can provide coroplast sheet for sale, coroplast box、coroplast sign or other OEM products wholesale. 


Before you buy coroplast sheets,you should know that coroplast sheet is a twin wall profile extrusion, connected by a series of vertical ribs, also called Coreflute, Corflute, Correx Sheet, Corex Sheet, PP coroplast Sheet and PP corrugated sheet.

The price of Coroplast sheet is low, and it has a very 
simple producing process. It can be widely used in packaging, advertising, construction, agriculture, hardware, layer pad industry and others. What‘s more,which is also be preferred by many China coroplast manufactures,coroplast sheets use recyclable and environment-friendly materials, It can be reused, without affecting its performance!
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    why choose us ● 16 years procducing experience ● Competitive products ● TUV ROS ISO9001 SGS ● OEM ODM ● Free sample pffer Small order welcome....
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