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Corrugated Plastic Candy Display Rack

candy display rack

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As we know, we use Corrugated Plastic Candy Display Rack, through the hot wxtrusion injection molding and compression molding  to process the plastic sheet. But not all hollow board made by PP raw material can be called eco-friendly vegetable and fruit display shelves.PP raw material has features of non-toxic and tasteless, but producted by only PP raw material is not eco-friendly and can not be called eco-friendly hollow board.Need add preservatives, moisture, antioxidants in accordance with the standards required by Country in the production process so that the board is produced with environmental performance.Today,in order to reduce the cost,many companies purchase low-quality raw material for candy display rack production. Raw materials is the source that can control and ensure the board of environmental protection.Our raw material suppliers are all very well-known companies such as Sinopec, can provide us with environmental protection certificate to ensure the quality.
In order to reduce production cost and competition for the price, there are many types hollow board manufacturers add an non-plastic fillers(calcium carbonate powder) into the raw material, some reach as much as 50%. Customers can hardly distinguish when filler below 20%.but the service life of board was significantly reduced, and the five physical mechanical features of the board are seriously affected.Therefore, there is a detection standard in the identification of hollow board quality: tensile strength N, tearing force N, elongation at break%, vertical compression force N, surface compression force N,incoming raw material melt index ect. In addition, there are a variety of processing methods for ESD and conductive board.The gap of quality and production cost also quite large. and quite difficult to distinguish the authenticity.When the board does not meet the above test standards, the hollow board is easy to break in the circulation process, resulting in huge losses for the users. So customers need to choose the actual strength manufacturers to eliminate the risk.


Feature of the Corrugated Plastic Candy Display Rack

  • 1

    Less consumables, Low cost, Light weight

  • 2

    Accept custom design :shape,size and color

  • 3

    Suitable temperature -40℃-200℃

  • 4

    Accept UV Printing,Silk Screen Printing

Benefits of the Corrugated Plastic Candy Display Rack
  • 1

    Good chemical properties

  • 2

    Good heat and sound insulation

  • 3


candy display rack
  • 1

    Industrial  packaging

  • 3

    Bags handbags pallet

  • 5

    Bottle industry

  • 2

    Mechanical industries

  • 4

    The advertising industry

  • 6

    Home decorating

Standard Thickness & Weight
Thickness 2mm 3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm 8mm 9mm 10mm 11mm 12mm
Density(gsm) 250-450 300-600 600-900 800-1200 900-1600 1400-2000 1600-2000 1600-2200 2200-2400 2400-2600
Skin Thickness 0.0065* 0.008* 0.009* 0.013* 0.018* 0.030* 0.040* 0.051* 0.067* 0.086*
Flute Thickness 0.0065* 0.008* 0.009* 0.013* 0.018* 0.030* 0.040* 0.051* 0.067* 0.086*
Color All All All All All All All All All All
Surface Tension
46 46 46 46 46 46 46 46 46 46

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candy display rack


SGS,FCC,ROHS,ISO9001 and TUV Certification

candy display rack

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