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Manufacturing industry flock to Southeast Asia,how about the situation of printing and packaging industry
Time:2017-02-24 17:03 Author:corrugate plastic sh
     In the "Made in China 2025 Blue Book (2016)" shows that in the intelligent manufacturing technology applications, manufacturing and other factors under the influence of changes in the cost of global manufacturing industry gradually adjusted, is accelerating transfer to Southeast Asia, South Asia, Africa and other more costly Regional .

The advantage of manufacturing
Why Southeast Asian market so attractive? Of course, the cost! Some Southeast Asian countries have the advantage of labor costs and demographic dividends, and their manufacturing prospects are generally favored. In addition, the growing consumer groups in Southeast Asian countries have also injected momentum into their manufacturing prospects. In addition to the traditional advantages of labor and raw materials, some Southeast Asian countries have also developed ambitious manufacturing long-term development plan, so strong attraction, how can we not let the enterprises around the world yearn for that?

Popularization of science of Southeast Asia
Southeast Asia refers to the southeastern region of Asia, also known as Southeast Asia. The region was a new name in the late World War II, with a total of 11 countries: Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, Philippines, Timor-Leste. So what about the printing market in Southeast Asia? Now i will illustrate the development of several countries in the printing industry, so you have a simple understanding.
      Southeast Asian printing industry occupies an important place in the economic development. According to the previous data show that the Philippine packaging and printing industry, about 7,000 enterprises, of which the printing enterprises in the 3000 or so, the size is different,some of them even only one person, most of the enterprises located in the capital Manila area. In recent years, Philippine print exports continued to grow by about 25%, the largest export products are postcards, Christmas cards and greeting cards. In the printing equipment, the Philippines 100% dependent on imports, Japan is its largest source of imported equipment, followed by the United States.