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"The Belt and Road" bring the development opportunities to the waste plastic industry
Time:2017-06-06 09:05 Author:jess
 At present, International cooperation solutions summit of  "The Belt and Road"  is inaugurated in Beijing. It is concerned at home and abroad. When we talk about "The Belt and Road" , some people think it 's just a policy of diplomacy, others believe that is far away from themselves and is just benificial to the foreigners.
That is not ture. The economy in China develop slow.  In a new economy environment, "The Belt and Road" bring the development opportunity to the recycled plastic industries. "The Belt and Road" is not only about China, but also the countries along the line of "The Belt and Road".
In recent years, the environmental protection and Green Fence Action of China makes Southeast Asia region becoming the best choice of the primary processing of the import and export materials. A lot of waste plastic factories in China are settled in Southeast Asia region. The status of importing recycled plastic of Malaysia, Thailand, laos, Vietnam and India improve gradually.
The Southeast Asia countries have a backward economical development, labor cost is low and its strategic position in politics and economy is more and more important, therefore the recycled resource industries in Japan and Taiwan move into the Southeast Asia region, and there is many provinces in our counntry settle  industrial park in there.
Waste management in southeast Asia countries are different, in general, southeast Asia countries allow importation  of the  renewable resources, such as waste paper, plastic, mental and so on.
It is known that, the labor cost of the waste plastic industry in Indonesia is USD300, in Vietnan is USD250, in Cambodia is USD100 while in China  Pearl River Delta is USD600-USD650. "The Belt and Road" is benificial to the waste plastic industry.
"The Belt and Road" must drive growth of the waste plastic industry. The employee of the waste pp anti-corrosion pad industry have to change the development model, management idesa and the development ways. They have to carry out the strategy of sustainable development , assure the product position, produce more  high added-value products, importe the renewable plastic, low the cost, increase the profit and grab market share.
The renewable plastic industry is in structural adjustment period, the industry structure will reform, at the same time, "The Belt and Road" will bring the  development opportunities to the recycled plastic, We have to be adaptable, concern the latest maket news and imformations to promote the development of waste pp anti-corrosion pad industry.

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