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Time:2016-06-14 09:44 Author:corrugate plastic
    What is undeniable is that the development of science and technology really brought us a very big convenient, improve the people's living standard and happiness.The development of science and technology is changing, with the progress of science and technology, great changes have taken place in our life, in fact, for us ordinary people, the largest marketing with the improvement of productivity of the constant development of new products, our life more convenient.
    Now in all walks of life have been the pursuit of technological innovation and progress, hope that through the progress of science and technology to drive the long-term development of the enterprise, increase productivity, meet the demand of the market.In the traditional industries to be being washed out gradually, the green, environmental protection, sustainable is the driving force for the development of the economy.Dongguan jian xin plastic hollow board is now the new environmental protection, green development of the company.
    Company's main pp corrugated board, PP board density is small, and easy processing, hollow plate and anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, heat resistance, impact resistance, non-toxic, tasteless, and is one of the most environmentally friendly plastic material at present.Hollow plate products are white, blue, black, other colors can be customized according to customer requirements.Hollow board is the first choice for manufacturing plastic turnover box materials, widely used in electronics, machinery, electronics, food packaging, pharmaceutical and other industries, use area is very broad!
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