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coroplast sheets ultrasonic welding machine characteristics
Time:2016-06-14 09:17 Author:corrugate plastic
    Ultrasonic welding machine: dongguan jian xin coroplast sheets  is long xiang ultrasonic welding machine factory main production machine, this machine is a revolutionary move to adopt servo motor to control the welding head in order to achieve high precision control of welding depth (welding precision can be controlled within 0.01 mm), at the same time reduces noise, reduce mechanical wear and tear, no air supply, suitable for some high-end products to high precision products.
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    coroplast sheets ultrasonic welding machine: the latest eliminate back design, more stable and reliable, and adopts adjustable welding head level structure, the die is convenient to use and stable, high welding efficiency using full digital control panel, and memory system, more accurate fast
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    coroplast sheets ultrasonic welding machine: applications such as welding products such as: hollow board, hollow board turnover box, hollow board, hollow BanDao shelf, block, etc.In other industries are widely used for example in the application in the industry such as: automotive welding, welding welding auto radiator, automobile fuel tank welding, welding car bumper, auto filter welding, welding car dashboard, washing machine water cock, ABS, PC, PS, such as acrylic plastic welding;Ultrasonic machine products, complete specifications, and is equipped with large exhibition hall, available for guests to visit and commissioning test specimen.