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Plastic molds for the future development trend of technology
Time:2016-06-08 15:30 Author:corrugate plastic
   Plastic molds for the future development trend of technology innovation and energy conservation and environmental protection go hand in hand   accounted for about 30%.With China's automobile, home appliances, electronic communication rapid development, all kinds of building materials, is expected to mold in the market in the future, plastic mold of mould will gradually increase the proportion of the total, and development speed will be faster than other mold.
   Jian xin Corrugated plastic sheet  also USES the molding press, hollow plate mold can adjust the thickness of the hollow board (the adjustment range is 1.8 mm to 12 mm), using the high speed automatic generating line, save labor costs, improve the production speed.The monthly output reached 500 tons of production, become the industry leader.Jian xin plastic also very pay attention to environmental protection, the use of pp granules as raw materials, and at the same time we can cooperate customers can take scrap recycling, environmental protection and energy saving.
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Corrugated plastic sheet production line at a high speed
      So future injection molding processing industry development must break the existing mode of production, in order to get a bigger profit must shift from OEM to ODM, must start from simple injection to develop in the direction of precision injection molding processing, must from the simple plastic injection molding to develop in the direction of engineering plastics injection molding processing, must from extensive development to the direction of energy conservation and environmental protection, etc.Only grasp the future development direction of these large, injection molding processing industry in China to injection molding industry base in the world