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2016 general plastic or is still in the low price
Time:2016-06-04 09:08 Author:corrugate plastic sh
    When it comes to supply and demand situation in general plastic, Xue Jinlei said: "in 2015, general plastics has been in a serious state of excess, prices continue downward, low profits, fierce competition has become the industry norm. In 2016, considering the price of crude oil is still at the low end, plus project and factory production of polyolefin plant start-up, overcapacity situation remains severe, general plastic prices are still low."
    Jian xin plastic hollow plate adopts the polypropylene raw materials, and large raw material suppliers, product quality is stable, the price is low.Due to the corrugated plastic sheet price cut, jian xin plastic hollow plate wholesale prices have also started to cut, new and old customers can seize the opportunity to come to order.
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