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The new application of plastic hollow board
Time:2016-05-20 08:52 Author:管理员
    Recently there is a customer and we signed a hollow plate plane model order, the traditional plane models are made of paper, now use plastic hollow board to replace the paper plane models have to say it's a good Idea.Plane model is generally have a advertising, the place is outdoor or shops, galleries.Led to the scenario where it needs to be some features, and firm, not loose, cycles, the weathered, obviously this is a paper cannot do.Plastic hollow board has the following characteristics: anti-static, conductive, waterproof, flame retardant, qualitative light, environmental protection, sustainable use, resistance to ultraviolet light.Plastic hollow board alternative paper material as a substitute for plane model has many advantages, like the weathered, soundness is cycles, the printing effect to bold and so on merits.Dare to innovation, dares to change to business opportunities, a better control of plane model market is huge, who dares to change will win the future.
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