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PP Hollow sheet applications
Time:2016-05-19 11:26 Author:管理员
 1, the turnover of industrial products packaging: Electronic Component packaging crates, plastic pieces turnover box, knife cards separator tank, anti-static turnover me hollow plate, conductive hollow board turnover me.
2, bags handbags pallet: liner bags, luggage plate, clapboard.
3, bottle industry: plate glass factory, bottle holder, canned product separator, cans care, plate.
4, mechanical industries: machine cushion plate.
5, the advertising industry: PP hollow boards display boxes, display, billboards, Corona board.
6, home decorating: ceilings, grille, toilet partitions,
7, the furniture industry: coffee table plate, furniture plate.
8. Agriculture: all kinds of boxes of fruit, vegetable crates, pesticide containers, food packaging, beverage containers; greenhouse roof.
9, sports products: smart blackboard, paper bags.
10, the automotive industry: steering wheel plate, rear separator plate.
11, the electrical industry: refrigerator, washing machine back, bulkhead.
12, baby products: baby stroller pad, children's intelligence hurdles.